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Agnes d'Harcourt (d. 1291) was an author and the abbess of the Abbey of Longchamp.

Agnes d'Harcourt was the daughter of Juan d'Harcourt. She became a nun and joined the convent at Longchamp, serving alongside the abbey's founder, Isabelle of France. In 1263, d'Harcourt was appointed abbess, and served as such until her death in November, 1291. During her time as abbess, d'Harcourt wrote Life of Isabella, the biography of her friend, colleague, and eventual saint, Isabelle. The book is considered one of the "most valuable works of the early French writer."[1]


d'Harcourt is a featured figure on Judy Chicago's installation piece The Dinner Party, being represented as one of the 999 names on the Heritage Floor.[2]

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