Agostino Beltrano

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Agostino Beltrano (died 1665) was an Italian painter active in the Baroque period in his native city of Naples. He was a pupil of Massimo Stanzione, the uncle of his wife, and is known to have been active in 1646. He is said to have murdered his 36-year-old wife and painter, Aniella di Beltrano (also known as Aniella di Rosa), in a fit of jealousy. He died in Naples.


  • Achille della Ragione - Aggiunte al catalogo di Beltrano - Napoli 2007
  • Achille della Ragione - Agostino Beltrano, uno stanzionesco falconiano - Napoli 2008

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  • Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi, a fully digitized exhibition catalog from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Libraries, which contains material on Agostino Beltrano (see index)