Agra (film)

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Directed by Chitrai Selvan
Produced by Chitrai Selvan & Amirtha Anbhazhagan
Written by Chitrai Selvan, Saandip Mytreya
Starring Vikas
Nassar, Saandip Mytreya
Release date
  • 8 November 2007 (2007-11-08)
Country India
Language Tamil

Agra is a Tamil film released in 2007. This film was produced by Chitrai Selvan and R.Muthuraman and released on Diwali 2007. Chitrai introduced new face from telugu film industry Saandip Mytreya as one of the flamboyant characters in the film.


Neema (Anjali), a research student from the United States, who pursues Psychology and works on her thesis on the subject of 'Love'. She comes to Kerala to know the story of Kannan (Nasser) who is her dad's best friend. Kannan lives in a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala. Neema meets three unemployed youth,each of whom has a bitter past of failed romances. She mingles with them and advises them to look at life on a positive note.

One fine day, Neema finally uncovers the truth about the Kannan's mysterious lover for whom he has been waiting for the past 40 years. Flashback reveals the truth.

Young Kannan (Vikas) a violinist along with his troupe comes to Agra for a programme. He happens to meet a sales girl Pooja (Emi Mohan) who sells miniatures and dolls in front of the Taj Mahal. He falls in love with Pooja. She too accepts but fate has something else in store for them. Her family considers love a sin and anyone indulging in it is dealt severely. Pooja's father turns to be the villain, and Kannan tries to elope with Pooja and finds the whole town chasing him. Pooja makes way for Vikas to escape and promises him to meet as soon as she gets the right opportunity. Kannan narrates the story and waits for his lady love.

Kannan receives a letter from Pooja and he plans to go to Agra with Neema, leaving the audience to wonder if the lovers were ever reunited at the end of the film.