Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act 1902

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Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act 1902
Long title An Act to enable County Councils in Ireland to exclude Congested Districts from the Area of Charge for certain purposes.
Citation 2 Edw. 7 c. 3
Territorial extent Ireland
Royal assent 23 June 1902
Commencement 23 June 1902

The Agriculture and Technical Instruction (Ireland) Act 1902 (2 Edw. 7 c. 3) was an Act of Parliament of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, given the royal assent on 23 June 1902.

The council of any county defined as a "congested districts county" by the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act 1891 was permitted, when raising any sum for agriculture or technical training, to exclude the congested districts from the area from which the sum was levied.


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