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Agustín Ramírez (born August 28, 1952) is a Mexican singer-songwriter, co-founder and frontman of the Mexican musical group Los Caminantes.

He composed and is responsible for many of Los Caminantes' hits, including, "Palomita Mensajera," "Para Que Quieres Volver," "Regresare," "He Sabido," "Volar, Volar," "Ven y Abrazame," "Una Noche," "Todo Me Gusta De Ti," "Mi Niña," "Lagrimas Al Recordar," etc.[1][2][3][4][5]

He also composed songs for groups such as El Tiempo, Los Sagitarios, El Jefe y Su Grupo, and in 1990, composed a ballad for the tropical group Los João called, "Una Noche Mas Sin Ti."

In 1993, Agustín Ramírez received an honorary plaque award which was placed outside a wall of his hometown of San Pancho by the mayor. The mayor of that time wanted to honor Agustín for his achievements, recognition and pride of San Pancho, Mexico, and Latin America.

In 2016, Agustín gave vocals for "Para Que Quieres Volver" on a recorded track to La Rondalla Tradicional de Saltillo in an album titled, La Razón de Mi Existir.

Childhood and early life[edit]

Born in San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, Mexico, Agustín attended Seminario "Misioneros de María Niña" (an all-boys Catholic prep school), where he sang in the choir along with his brother and fellow Los Caminantes member Brígido Ramírez. He, too, was athletic and played on his school's fútbol team.

Personal life[edit]

Agustín has been involved in four major automobile accidents in his life. Most recent accident occurred on August 2009, when he severely fractured his pelvis. Since then, he has recovered and continue to tour with his band Los Caminantes.

Agustín is an avid soccer fan and supports Club Deportivo Guadalajara.


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