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Ahmed Mekky
أحمد مكي
Ahmed Mekky 2017.jpg
Born Ahmed
Occupation Actor, rapper, writer
Years active 2003–present
Height 5,8
Website ahmed-mekky.com

Ahmad Mekky (Arabic: أحمد مكي‎) is an Egyptian actor, writer, director, and rapper.[1][2]


A son of an Egyptian mother and an Algerian father who then left his mum and Mekky's brothers at young age. Mekky was raised as a kid in a place called El Talbia of El Haram, Egypt. He began his career in the after graduating from the directing division at Cairo Higher Institute of Cinema. Mekky started out directing several short films such as Yabanee Asly (An Original Japanese) before directing El Hassa El Sab'a (The Seventh Sense), which starred Ahmed El-Fishawy, in 2005. That work was adapted from a short film that Mekky had previously directed in 2003. Mekky has collaborated with his sister Inas Mekky in directing several television productions, including Lahazat Hariga (Crucial Moments) and Tamer wa Shaweiyah (Tamer and Shaweiyah) in which he also played the role of Haitham Dabour.

Mekky stars in the Ramadan Egyptian comedy series El Kabeer Awy in which he plays both main characters, two brothers vying for the inheritance of their deceased father. In 2013, the third season of El Kebir Awi introduces a third brother, also played by Mekky. Besides his career in cinema, Mekky has also continued to write rap songs that he performs in films or uploads to the internet.

Year Film Role Notes
2001 Ibn Izz, (Rich) Cameo
2004 Morgan Ahmad Morgan, (Morjan Ahmed Morjan) Dabour
2008 Laylet Al BabyDoll, (The BabyDoll Night) Zaghloul
H-Dabbour, (H-Dabbour) Haythem Dabbour First leading role
2009 Teer Inta, (you Fly!) Dr. Baheeg
2010 La Tarago' Wala Istislam (Al-Qabda Al-Dameya), (Neither Regression Nor Surrender: The Bloody Fist) Hazal'om, Adham
2011 'Cima Ali Baba, (Ali Baba's Cinema)
2013 'Samir Abou Alneil, (Samir the father of the Nile) Samir
Year Title Role Notes
N/A Shabab online, (Online Teens)
N/A Lahazat Harega, (Critical Moments)
2006–2008 Tamer Wa Shaw'eyyah, (Tamer and Shawkeyyah) Haythem Dabbour
2010 El Kabeer Awy, (Big Boss) El-Kabeer, El-Kabeer Awy, Johnny El-Kabeer Awy
2011 El Kabeer Awy 2, (Big Boss 2) El-Kabeer, El-Kabeer Awy, Johnny El-Kabeer Awy
2013 El Kabeer Awy 3, (Big Boss 3) El-Kabeer, El-Kabeer Awy, Johnny El-Kabeer Awy, Hazal'om El-Kabeer Awy
2014 El Kabeer Awy 4, (Big Boss 4) El-Kabeer, El-Kabeer Gedan, Johnny El-Kabeer Awy, Hazal'om El-Kabeer Awy
2015 El Kabeer Awy 5, (Big Boss 5) El-Kabeer, Johnny El-Kabeer Awy, Hazal'om El Kabeer Awy, Naeem El Kabeer Awy
2017 Khalsana B Sheyaka, (Ending so Gently) Sultan
Year Film
2005 Al Hassa Al Sab'a, (The Seventh Sense)
2009 Fo'sh, (Fo'sh)
2009 Teer Inta, (You Fly!)
2010 El Kabeer Awy, (The Big one)
Year Film
1998 Yabani Asli, (An Original Japanese)
2005 Al Hassa Al Sab'a, (The Seventh Sense)
2007 Lahazat Harega, (Critical Moments)
TV Appearances/Interviews
Year Show Role
2012 Basem Yusef Khareg el Bernameg, (Basem Yusef Outside "El Bernameg") | As himself


Ahmed Mekky is also well known and popular figure in Egyptian rap, he released many successful hits such as Masr Baldy and Wa’fet naseit zaman in 2017.[3][4]


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