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Ahmet Kutsi Karadoğan (born 16 March 1973, Akçadağ, Malatya) is a composer, pop music singer and song writer often known as Kutsi. His first two names have been given to him from the poet Ahmet Kutsi Tecer.


Born in Malatya but he was raised in Ankara, where he started to gain fame too, but the proper fame story begins with him playing Accordion at the Bora Bar in Didim. Kutsi's introduction to music was when he won some money from scrath to win and he bought his first guitar.


In 1992, he came to Istanbul with a small album that had all songs written and composed by himself but failed to attract the attention of producers. Determined, Kutsi didn't give up and continued to work with music and he managed to get the attention of the producer Erol Köse and, in a record amount of time 26 days, he managed to create his first album: Aşk Payını Aldı (""Love had its share"").

He actually managed to show himself in 2005 with his album Sana Ne (""What's it to you?""). In the period of time, he made some songs for Nalan, Berksan and others. He later made a duet with Petek Dinçöz. During this time, He managed to create and host a show in, one of Turkey's best music channels, Kral TV (""King TV"") and named it İlan-ı Aşk (""An old Ottoman Turkish term meaning to display love"") and manage to keep in between hosting and music at, literally, the same time.

In 2006, he gained some experiences in acting as well as he took part in the Turkish version of Grey's Anatomy, named Doktorlar (""Doctors""). He made his third album, Aynı Şehirde Nefes Almak Bile Bana Yetiyor (""It's enough for me to even breath in the same city as you"") and continue to climb the ladder in his music career. The reason why this album stood out more than the others is because all the instruments and all the songs were recorded live with no alternation with computers or any other electronical instruments. This album was under the direction of , Osman İşmen and also with the help of İstanbul Devlet Senfoni Orkestrası (""Istanbul Public Sympothy Orchestra"").

At the summer of 2008, the album he released Aynadaki Yüzünün Karşılığı Benim (""I am the reflection of you in the mirror"") managed to become the first place in music lists. The album consist of several hit songs which contributed to the career of Kutsi in a good manner.

He is currently one of the three surviving members left in the program that is shown on Show TV, Korolar Carpışıyor (""Chorus' Collide"") other than Öykü and Berk and Rojin.



  • Aşk Payını Aldı (""Love had its share"")(2000)
  • Sana Ne (""What's it to you"") (2005)
  • Kördüğüm (""Blindchain"")(2006)
  • Aynı Şehirde Nefes Almak Bile Bana Yetiyor(""It's enough for me to even breath in the same city as you"") (2007)
  • Aynadaki Yüzünün Karşılığı Benim (""I am the reflection, in the mirror, of you"") (2008)

Music Videos[edit]

  • Soran Yok (""Nobody asked"")
  • Sana Ne
  • Geçer (""Pass"")
  • Aşkın Gururu (""Honour of Love"")
  • Doğum Günü (""Birthday"")
  • Kördüğüm
  • Hediyem Olsun (""Let it be my present"")
  • Olay Olacak Aşkımız (""Our love is going to be an incident"")
  • Aynı Şehirde Nefes Almak Bile Bana Yetiyor
  • İlan-ı Aşk
  • Aynadaki Yüzünün Karşılığı Benim

Success in the lists[edit]

Album Single Peak
Aynadaki Yüzünün Karşılığı Benim Aynadaki Yüzünün Karşılığı Benim 18
Aşık Olmaya Yemin Ediyorum (""I am swearing to be in love"") 12

Album Details[edit]


  • Doktorlar (Show TV), 2006-2009 (Levent Atahanlı) Beyin Cerrah
  • Huzur Sokagi (TV dizisi) ATV 2012 Bilal


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