Ahuano, Ecuador

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Ahuano is located in Ecuador
Coordinates: 1°03′25″S 77°33′00″W / 1.05694°S 77.55000°W / -1.05694; -77.55000Coordinates: 1°03′25″S 77°33′00″W / 1.05694°S 77.55000°W / -1.05694; -77.55000
Province Napo
Climate Af

Ahuano (historically also Aguamo[1]) is a small Quechua village[2] on the north bank of the Napo River[3] in Napo Province, Ecuador. It has become known as a tourist destination for the nearby hotel La Casa de Suizo (named after its Swiss founder),[4][5] and has a school.[3] The town has a population of around 4,000 and has rapidly modernized in the past few years largely due to the income from tourism. There is fresh drinking water pipes, paved roads, multiple internet cafes, a couple dozen bars, and a night club. [6]


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