Achva Academic College

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Achva Academic College
מכללת אחוה
המכללה האקדמית אחוה.jpg
Established 1971
Officer in charge
Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi
Location Be'er Tuvia Regional Council, Israel

The Achva Academic College is located on the seam line between the Negev desert and central Israel. The College was established in 1971. Achva Academic College comprises three major units: the School of Education where students study towards a B.Ed degree or a teaching certificate; the School of Graduate Studies which offers courses towards an M.Ed degree, and the School of Sciences which offers the B.Sc degree in a variety of disciplines, some under the autonomous management of the college (e.g. Psychology, Environmental Studies and the Life Sciences) and others under the auspices of the Ben-Gurion University. The college currently serves 3500 students and employs some 250 members of faculty.


Reuven Rivlin the president of Israel in a visit in the Achva Academic College

In 1971 the regional council of Beer Tuvia established Achva as a teachers training college. The college started off with 50 students, gradually expanding and adding more programs. In 1991 Achva had close to a thousand students who were offered, alongside their pedagogical training, the opportunity to complete their B.A. studies though the Open University. In 1994 the college won the recognition of the Higher Education Council and was allowed to award its students the B.Ed degree. By the year 2000 almost 2,500 students studied at the college. In 1996 a fully fledged academic college was established on the campus alongside the teachers training college. This new college offered courses towards the B.A and later on also the B.Sc degrees in various disciplines under the academic auspices of the Ben-Gurion University in the Negev. By the year 2000 some 700 students studied at this college. In 2009 the Higher Education Council authorized the college to open an independent B.Sc course in the Life Sciences and in 2012 a second independent course, in Psychology, was opened. In 2013 a third course, in Environmental Studies is due to be launched. In August 2012 the two colleges merged into one – the Achva Academic College. The united college now has three schools working in concert: the School of Education which provides the pedagogical training, the School of Sciences where students pursue various disciplinary degree courses, and the School of Graduate Studies for advanced degrees. Alongside these schools the College's Research Authority endeavors to develop workable educational models. The College is presided over by Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi, a distinguished and widely published scholar who is the first non-Jew to be appointed to such a position in Israel.

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