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Aidan Meehan
Known forCeltic Art
Notable work
Celtic Design Series

Aidan Meehan is an Irish artist and author of 18 books on Celtic art and design.[1][2] including the eight-volume Celtic Design series and Celtic Alphabets, Celtic Borders, The Book of Kells Painting Book, The Lindisfarne Painting Book and Celtic Knots, all published by Thames & Hudson


In 1974 Meehan discovered the triple grid format for creating Knotwork.[3][4]


  • Celtic Design: Knotwork: The Secret Method of the Scribes by Aidan Meehan published 1991
  • Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual by Aidan Meehan published 1991
  • The Celtic Design Book by Aidan Meehan published 2007
  • Celtic Design: Spiral Patterns by Aidan Meehan published 1993[5]
  • Celtic Design: Animal Patterns by Aidan Meehan published 1992
  • Celtic Design: Illuminated Letters by Aidan Meehan published 1992
  • Celtic Design: The Dragon and the Griffin: The Viking Impact by Aidan Meehan published 1995[6]
  • Celtic Knots: Mastering the Traditional Patterns by Aidan Meehan
  • Celtic Design: Maze Patterns by Aidan Meehan published 1993[7][8]
  • The Book of Kells Painting Book by Aidan Meehan published 1999
  • Celtic Design: The Tree of Life by Aidan Meehan published 1995
  • Celtic Alphabets by Aidan Meehan published 1998
  • Celtic Borders by Aidan Meehan Published 1999
  • Celtic Patterns for Painting and Crafts by Aidan Meehan 1997
  • The Treasury of Celtic Knots by Aidan Meehan 2005
  • Celtic Design: Knotwork by Aidan Meehan 1991[9]
  • The Lindisfarne Painting Book by Aidan Meehan 2000
  • Celtic Design: Drache und Greif: Die Symbolik der Wikinger by Aidan Meehan published 2001

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