Aila Meriluoto

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Aila Meriluoto
Born (1924-01-10) 10 January 1924 (age 95)
Pieksämäki, Finland

Aila Meriluoto (born 10 January 1924) is a poet, writer and translator from Finland.

Meriluoto published her first collection of poems, Lasimaalaus in age of 22. It was a success among critics and readers.[1] She became the most celebrated and widely read female poet of post-war Finland. The central themes of her early poems are art and femininity.[1] Her first collections reflect the influence of Austrian opera Rainer Maria Rilke. In collection Pahat unet (1956) some of the poems have a free form. The next collection, Portaat, came five years later, and there Meriluoto has found her own modern style of expression.[2]

Meriluoto lived for 13 years in Sweden. In 1974 she moved back to Finland, and the language of her poetry changed again to more close to a talking voice.[2]

In addition to poems, Meriluoto has written novels, and books for young people.[2] She has translated works by Harry Martinson, Rainer Maria Rilke, Shakespeare and Goethe.[3]

Meriluoto was married 1948-1956 to another poet, Lauri Viita. She described him and their stormy marriage in a biographical novel.[4]


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