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Aimar is a Navarrese masculine given name of Germanic origin, derived from Haimhard. The original etymology is home, Haim-, and hard, -hard. It is believed that the German Origin name, Haimhard, merged with the name Amir, brought by early Persian traders to Southern Europe. Amir (also spelled Ameer or Emir, Arabic: امير, Persian: امير, Hebrew: אמיר, pronounced [aːmˈiːr]) is a male name with two meanings, one is Arabic/Hebraic origin derived from the title Emir in Arabic, and meaning summit of a tree in Hebrew; and other one in Persian is pronounced in the same way but it has a different meaning, it consists of two parts; "A" which means "Un" and "mir" which is the root of the verb "Mordan مُرَدن" ( to die ), so Amir in Persian means the one who [his spirit and his memory] will never die.[citation needed]

There are references to the name in medieval texts from the 9th to 14th centuries in the Kingdom of Navarre.[1] In later years it has been assimilated as a Basque name, and it has become a popular name for boys in Basque Country and Navarre.[2] The name Aimar may refer to:


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