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Full name Aiolikos Football Club
Nickname(s) Wind
Founded 17 August 1975; 41 years ago (1975-08-17)
Ground Mytilene Municipal Stadium
Ground Capacity 3,000
Chairman Vacant
Head Coach Ioannis Taousianis
League Gamma Ethniki
2016-17 Gamma Ethniki (Group 3) 9th

Aiolikos Football Club (Greek: Α.E.Π.Σ. Αιολικός Μυτιλήνης) is a Greek association football club, based in Mytilene.


The club was established in 1975 after a merger of two local teams – Atlantas and Apollon. The name Aiolikos was inspired by the Aeolians, the name by which the Greek inhabitants of Lesbos and nearby Aeolis, Anatolia, have been known since antiquity.

Incidentally, there was also a Greek football club called Aiolikos that was based in Smyrna (Izmir), around 1890, which would often play matches against teams of visiting British sailors. With the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922), many of the Greek inhabitants of the region emigrated to Lesbos, taking their sporting traditions and clubs with them.

In 1976, Aiolikos participated for first time in Lesbos Football Clubs Association Championship. Ιn 1978, was promoted in National Amateur Division (today Football League 2) and in 1982 participated in Beta Ethniki. In 1985, Aiolikos contested the promotion to Alpha Ethniki, but finally did not accomplish.

Until 1991, Aiolikos participated alternately in Gamma and Delta Ethniki. From 1991 to 1999, Aiolikos played unfailingly in Gamma Ethniki championship. Certain problems, mainly economic, led in 2000 the team again to the Lesbos Football Clubs Associations Championship for one season.

In 2001, Aiolikos was promoted in Delta Ethniki. The 2001–02 season was not good for Aiolikos, but they won on May 25, 2002, the Amateur Cup, afterwards the victory against Almopos Aridaia, final score 4–2.

In 2005, Aiolikos promoted again in Gamma Ethniki. They participated in that division until December 29, 2008, when they withdrew from 2008–09 season championship, due to unsolvable economic problems, and relegated to Delta Ethniki.


Mytilene Municipal Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Mytilene, Greece. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Aiolikos. The stadium holds 2,850 people, all-seated.

Stadium's nickname is Tarlas (Greek: Ταρλάς), which is inspired by the old name of the settlement where stadium is built. The word is originated from another Turkish word, which means tract or field.

The stadium has four gates. It has also one big stand and track. The stand is separated in 5 sections, while there are 100 seats for VIP. In 2001 was put projectors and seats have been placed on all the stand. Until then, only a little section of the stand had seats. On the occasion of 2004 Olympic Games, have been more important projects to changing rooms and other rooms below the stand. Although had been decided in 2005 the placement of a shelter, it has not been constructed yet.




Former coaches[edit]

  • Greece Fotis Kokinellis
  • Greece Thanasis Dimitriadis
  • Greece Charis Ghrammos
  • Greece Michalis Grigoriou
  • Greece Spiros Livathinos
  • Greece Yiannis Manousos
  • Greece Markos Mavrommatis
  • Greece Petros Michos
  • Greece Theodhoros Papalopoulos

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