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The Greek football league system includes four levels in which teams can possibly make it to Superleague Greece, Greece's highest division of football.

Cup Eligibility[edit]

Greek Football Professional Cup: Levels 1 and 2
Greek Football Amateur Cup: Levels 3 and 4

Promotion and relegation[edit]

Superleague Greece: Bottom two clubs are relegated to Football League.
Football League (may be changed): Top two clubs of Football League in the end are promoted to Superleague Greece. Bottom four relegated to Gamma Ethniki.
Gamma Ethniki: The champions of each group are promoted to Football League. The bottom twenty nine teams of are relegated to local championships.
Local championships: The top team in each regional league is entered into the promotional play-offs with other regions. The 2 winners of each group are promoted to the respective group in Gamma Ethniki

League Pyramid 2016-17[edit]


League(s) / Division(s)


Superleague Greece
16 clubs

↓↑ 2 clubs


Football League
16 clubs

↓↑ 4 clubs


Gamma Ethniki
61 clubs divided in 4 series, one of 16 clubs and three of 15 clubs

↓ 5 clubs ↑ 8 clubs


Local Football Clubs' Associations Championship top-level
53 FCA Championship winners and 3 runners-up (Athens, Piraeus and Macedonia) of local championships divided in 14 Groups of 4. Promotion to the Gamma Ethniki is determined during the FCA Winners' Championship held annually post-season


  • new League-System 2013-14 [1]