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Country France
Basin features
Main source Nérondes
185 m (607 ft)
46°59′53″N 02°48′59″E / 46.99806°N 2.81639°E / 46.99806; 2.81639
River mouth Yèvre
139 m (456 ft)
47°02′59″N 02°33′55″E / 47.04972°N 2.56528°E / 47.04972; 2.56528Coordinates: 47°02′59″N 02°33′55″E / 47.04972°N 2.56528°E / 47.04972; 2.56528
Progression YèvreCherLoireAtlantic Ocean
Basin size 300 km2 (120 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 47.8 km (29.7 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1.62 m3/s (57 cu ft/s)

The Airain or Airin is a 47.8 km (29.7 mi) long river in the Cher département, central France. Its source is at Nérondes. It flows generally west, with a U shape. It is a left tributary of the Yèvre into which it flows at Savigny-en-Septaine, 13 km (8.1 mi) southeast of Bourges.

Communes along its course[edit]

This list is ordered from source to mouth: Nérondes, Tendron, Bengy-sur-Craon, Flavigny, Cornusse, Ourouer-les-Bourdelins, Charly, Lugny-Bourbonnais, Osmery, Bussy, Vornay, Dun-sur-Auron, Crosses, Savigny-en-Septaine,