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Original USAF Airman's Coin.

The Airman's coin is a challenge coin that is awarded to United States Air Force Airmen upon completion of either Basic Military Training.[1][2]

Award criteria and meaning[edit]

The Airman's coin is used to welcome new junior enlisted into the United States Air Force as well as to give the newest members a link to the heritage of the Air Force. The Airman's coin is awarded near the end of Basic Military Training and marks the transition from trainee to Airman.[3] It is usually awarded by Wing Commander and Command Chief Master Sergeant but may also be awarded by other personnel such as the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. The Airman's coin is the first Challenge coin awarded to Airmen and is the foundation for an Airman's unique Challenge coin collection.[4]


The original version of the Airman's Coin features on one side the an eagle clawing its way out of the coin with the words "Aerospace Power" underneath it. The entire image is circled with the sentence "Awarded on the occasion of becoming an airman in the world's best Air Force". The reverse of the coin has a white star with a red dot in the center, known as a Hap Arnold star, flanked by a pair of wings. The symbol recalls the Air Force's roots in the Army Air Corps. The symbol is surrounded by the text of the Core Values of the Air Force: Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do.

The currently issued Airman's Coin replaces the eagle completely, having the new United States Air Force Symbol in its place in dark blue, itself based on the Hap Arnold star on the reverse.

Current USAF Airman's Coin.