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Akhali Epocha Newspaper (Georgian: ახალი ექოქა; New Epoch) - is a daily social and political issue in Georgia.

The first issue was published on July 4, 2000. The newspaper was actually depicting the ongoing events in Georgia; impartially analyzing them, without forcing readers to swallow the product of political juncture, and making them a part of active civil position. Teimuraz Metreveli was an editor of the newspaper.

Axali Epocha was outstanding not only by its Journalistic position, but also by its polygraphic standards. It was the first coloured newspaper in Georgia.

Newspaper Akhali Epocha, together with TV company Iberia, and Journal Omega was a part of a company Omega Group,[1] the Founder of which is a Businessman and Public Figure, Member of the Parliament of Georgia (1999–2003) Zaza Okuashvili.