Akihiro Maeta

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Akihiro Maeta
Born 01 May 1954
Tottori Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Education Osaka University of Arts
Known for Ceramic, porcelain

Akihiro Maeta (前田 昭博) (from Tottori, Japan, born May 1, 1954) is a Japanese ceramic artist known for white porcelain. He is a Living National Treasure of Japan and a member of the Japan Kōgei Association.[1]

Maeta's style is achieved by hand-forming his works as opposed to forming them on a potter's wheel.[2] He uses his fingers, palms, and a blade to perfect the shape of his white porcelain sculptures.

Awards and recognition[edit]

As a result of his work with ceramics, Maeta has won numerous awards including the Ceramic Society of Japan award in 2003.[3] He is also acknowledged as a holder of important intangible cultural property for his work with white porcelain.[4]

In 2007, he was awarded a Medal of Honour with purple ribbon by the government of Japan.[5]

In 2013, he was recognized as a Living National Treasure of Japan.[4]

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