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Akim Hoste is a street artist and was born 1981 in Barcelona. He had exhibitions in Europe, USA and Morocco, and is present in galleries in Barcelona, Miami, Chicago, Italy, Lyon and Assilah (Morocco).

He started his artistic career as a graffiti writer in the early 1998s. He has since painted in a lot of places in Europe and also won some graffiti competitions [1]. Akim Hoste won three 1st prizes special competition of Graffiti in Barcelona and around of the City.

Akim grow as artist doing Art therapy, he helping with the art in the special centers and founder a non-profit “Association Espíritu Libre”[1] in 2008. Akim intervening in several special centers: City Hall of Tarragona, “Hospital Joan XXIII”, “Hospital Vall d’Hebron” where he received price for the volunteering with children with disabilities and diseases. The most important of the Akim's activities is the reaction with the color and the expression paint of the disabilities children's, the Chromotherapy transmitted all the emotional states and internal locks.[2]

The first most important solo exhibition of Akim was marked a new vision of the Christmas with Graffiti and writing an originals elements with the graffiti style in a big canvas, it cover all the gamous Gallery "Torre Vella de Salou". This wake up the interesting of mass media, like TV3 (Catalonia),[3] Tac12, a lot of newspaper[4] like El Punt [5] and radio.[6]

In the 2009 is selected in the 32º Festival International Cultural of Forum Asilah[7] by Honorable Mohamed Benaissa with the special guest EUA. Akim Hoste marked a big mural in a few days with a really great feedback of the dignitaries in the opening and all the public.[8]

All the dignitaries presents in front Akim's Wall Paint, in special Mr.Benaïssa and Mr.Moratinos, in inauguration of the 32 Festival International Forum Cultural of Assilah

In 2013 was invited during Art Basel Week in Miami,[9] Florida. When a lot of art critical start to know the name of this urban artist [2] that he leave of the street for enter in the international galleries.[10]

Akim made his artistic contribution with his mural work performance that the public could live from his first performance until completion of his two murals. Thus leading to the Street Art International Art Fair in the USA to enjoy the amount of people there were over 40,000 people throughout the fair. About his work should be highlighted as merged different materials and colors of his paintings as a great tool of expression and creativity .Was also seen talent like that its plasma mixing techniques and graffiti pioneers wallpaper as subtly leads to a dynamic site with a very touching concept graphic design in the art pieces. His extensive experience with sprai’s reflected in the great art that within seconds capture the Sketch, capturing realism and expression of every face perfectly. It transmitting at the public its cultural social message that Akim Hoste leaves in each work. It did this time noting its magnificent murals during Art Basel Week Miami.[11] Akim Hoste also participated, in Miami, making a collaboration with Richard Villasmil for Richards Touch's[12] during Art Basel Week and he making an exhibition with Hair for Angel a Solidarity exhibition in the "Four Embassador" in Miami Brickell for "Todos por Zhayr".

beneficial act organized by Hair for Angel with Richard Villasmil to Zhayr Ortiz with a live performance by Akim Hoste.

Akim Invited to expose in the 2013 in the “Museo International Italiano di Arte” of Torino for the our innovation of the art techs. Akim Hoste convert in pioneer of street artist that enter in a Museum for exhibit the revolution of the urban art.

Art development[edit]

Inspired from the Design and the open places, Akim Create a new concept of the graffiti, It starting mixed more styles. Akim going so fair that the templates and mix a lot of material of design,[13] not usually in the art, with the graffiti concept. The design is a concept of the piece, with the new technology of the graphic design, leaving the piece fresh and floating in a new concept, the background of the piece not is secondary, it doesn’t a depth if not a complement that without belittle the artwork, gives more force as a whole.

Exhibitions and Notable Works[edit]

  • IBCA13. International Biennial of Contemporary Art. 33 Gallery in Chicago: Zhou Brother Foundation[14] (EEUU) 2013
  • Exhibition “Everyone for Zhayr” solidarity event in Four Embassador –Miami, Brickell (EEUU) 2012
  • Exposition in Nina Torres Fine Art.[15] Miami (EEUU) 2013
  • Exhibition in Miami River Art Fair (2012) EEUU
  • Exhibition in 8 edition ateliers opendoor in the downtown of Tarragona. 2011
  • Exhibition in “Francoli” of Tarragona "murs per la Pau" (walls for peace). 2010
  • Exhibition solidarity for the Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona. 2010
  • Exhibition in “Peñiscola”-Castellón 2010
  • Exposition in Museum Tarragona “Jazz in Canvas” (17 Festival International of Dixieland) 2010
  • Tarragona (Catllar) in the Catllar City Hall 2010
  • Exhibition in City Hall of Andorra (Andorra) 2010
  • 32ème Moussem Culturel International d’Assilah. Contest International in Assilah (Marruecos).[16] 2010
  • Exhibition in 5 edition ateliers opendoor in the downtown of Tarragona. 2009
  • Salou; “Torre Vella”: ”Exposition Art de Nadal” (Bethlehem in wall) Organized for the city hall of Salou by Akim. 2009
  • Jazz in Canvas by Akim:
    • Sities Gallery in Barcelona (2008)
    • City Hall of Tarragona (2009)
    • Hotel SB of Tarragona (2009)
  • Exhibition in Menorca (Arto).2008
  • Exhibition in VidrArt Gallery (menorca).2008
  • Exhibition in 3 edition ateliers opendoor in the downtown of Tarragona. 2007
  • City Hall of Tarragona; Beneficial for “Asociación Espíritu Libre”.2007
  • Exposition in Vendrell City Hall (Vendrell) 2005
  • Exhibition in Boxell (Holland). 2003
  • Exhibition in Pineda de Mar- Dep of Cultur 2001
  • Exhibition “Urban Art”- Barcelona Young (Barcelona) 2000
  • Exhibition “Street Art”- Lyon Art (Lyon) 2000
  • Exhibition in Reus- Young Dept. 1999


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