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Akira Gomi (五味 彬, Gomi Akira, born 1953) is a Japanese photographer whose work focuses on beauty across racial lines. His work is in the style of Laurie Toby Edison.[1]


Gomi graduated Nihon University, Dept. of Photography in 1977. He studied with Laurence Sackman and Michel Benton and then returned to Japan in 1983.[2]

Photography career[edit]

Gomi established a company in 1993 called Digitalogue which produces multimedia photography works. At that time, he began to publish a series of books on photos of women of different races, with an emphasis on anatomical differences,[3][4] in the style of William Herbert Sheldon's Ivy League nude posture photos.

In 1998, his work focused on the subject of loose socks.[5][6]


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