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Aktiv Grizzly is dual-track snowmobile manufactured by Aktiv Maskin Östersund AB in Sweden. The snowmobile is equipped with dual 38 x 384 cm tracks and single front ski. Also dual front skis has been available for XP. Tracks cover area almost 1 m2, making it well suited for deep-snow operations. The Grizzly is powered by a 497 ccm Rotax 503 Scandinavia, producing 38 HP (28 kW) at 5700 RPM. The carb is a VM 32, supplied by Mikuni. Earlier Grizzly (de luxe) have 1+N+1 gearbox and last model (XP) (1989–1991) have 1+N+2 gearbox. The Grizzly was produced from 1979 to 1991. It is still recognized one of the best dual track snowmobile in the world.[citation needed] Both Bombardiers Ski-Doo Alpine, Ski-Doo Alpine 2 and Ockelbo 8000 are similar dual-track snowmobiles. In the mid 80's, the Grizzly switched from the traditional wheelbased bogie to a flexible joint-bogie, which made the ride smoother and the passability much better.

Aktiv started making tracked vehicles 1957 when they started making Snow Trac, a small personal Snowcat that is roughly the size of a modern compact car. Aktiv started making small snowmobiles in 1973 when they bought Snö-Tric brand. First dual-Trac snowmobile made by Aktiv was Snö-Tric Blå 75- and SC 20/2 75-.

The Grizzly was also produced and sold on license by Polaris Industries under the name "Polaris Grizzly de luxe". This version had a Fuji 440 ccm engine. Also Finnish company Winha sold earlier grizzly (1982–1983) with own brand name Winha. Winha Grizzly had either traditional wheelbased bogie or flexible joint-bogie and it was equipped either with Artic Spirit AB 50, A3 engine or Fuji EC 44-2PM-3000 engine.

Currently there are two dual-track snowmobile in production, one in Russia under the name "Buran" and one in Italy under the name "Alpina Sherpa".

Aktiv Grizzly de luxe, 1988

Technical Data[edit]

Overall length 309 cm
Overall width 97 cm
Overall height 141 cm
Overall weight 375/345 kg
Motor make Rotax
Motor type 503 Scandinavia (Alpine)
Number of cylinders 2
Displacement 497 ccm
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 62 mm
HP(kW) @ 5700 RPM 38(28)
Max. RPM 5700
Fuel lubrication 2 Stroke Oil 50:1 (2%)
Cooling System Axial Fan
Idle RPM 2100
Ignition/Generator CDI 12V/140W
Spark Plug NGK B7ES, B8ES or similar
Spark gap 0,5 mm
Carburettor 1x Mikuni VM 32
Fuel Unleaded Petrol, 90 Oc. or better
Engine Variator Polaris/AKTIV
Secondary Variator Polaris/AKTIV
Gear Exchange 3,0:1 - 1:1
Transmission (De Luxe) FWD 3,07:1 / REV 4,82:1 XP R+N+2