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Al-Jazeera Club
نادي الجزيرة
Al Jazeera Club.png
Full name Al-Jazeera Club of Amman
Nickname(s) الشياطين الحمر
Al-Shayateen Al-Houmr
(The Red Devils)
Founded 1947; 71 years ago (1947)
Ground Amman International Stadium
Chairman Mohammed Al-Maharmeh
League Jordan League
2016–17 2nd
Current season
Active departments of Al-Jazeera
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Football Basketball Handball
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Volleyball Athletics Bodybuilding
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Weightlifting Table Tennis

Al-Jazeera Club (Arabic: نادي الجزيرة) is a Jordanian football club based in Amman. Founded in 1947, the team plays at Amman International Stadium.


In the early 1940s, the club consisted of boys who shared common traits like age, social status, friendship, neighborhood, education and love for sports, especially football. They began practicing football as a team with intense training, and felt that their talents merged well. The team members enhancing and developing their talents included the late Amer Mufti, Tbelt Fattah and Abdul Raouf Al Attia, Abdul-Raouf Noha and Muhammad Ali Karyoti and Honorary Nanaa and facilitate the drum and facilitating the latest Shorbaji and Taher Al-Halawani Wool and Mohammed Abu Sultan, Mohammed and Omar News vegetative and Mohammed and Ahmed and Awad Hamid. Applied for Foundation to the Ministry of the Interior in 1946, but the request was re-insurance to 10 people, among the founders over the age of For the 25-year re-entry has been remedied that mentioned their families and acquaintances Fastdrqua what they were asked A request was made Altosin the following names:[clarification needed]

  1. Hassan Hussein Rouh – An employee. Later became a professor.
  2. Abdul Majeed Aljzazi – A professor. Later entered the army.
  3. Fawzi Yousef Dia – A professor. Later entered the army.
  4. Qasim Karyoti – A member of staff in the workshops of the Army.
  5. Abdul Karim Bakir – Merchant
  6. Diab Shorbaji – Merchant
  7. Ahmed Shorbaji – Merchant
  8. Mufti Mohammad Sami – A merchant and tailor.
  9. Abdul Hadi Akash – Restaurant owner of 'Pleasure' in Amman.
  10. Fred Joseph Fleifel – Was employed.

And approved the establishment of the club by the Interior Ministry in 01/01/1947 as approved on its Procedure and it appears to the existence of a club named (the island) and taking exercise and various sports activities on top Football.[1]

First found[edit]

  • The club's sporting activities include football, table tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and athletics.
  • The club had won the following tournaments:

– Kingdom Handball Championship in 1974. – Table tennis tournament of the date of its inception and more than 40 years. – Football League in the years 1952, 1953 and 1956. – Shield Association football for the years 1981 and 1986. – Jordan's Cup in 1984. – Cup Winners Cup for the year 1985. – Championship Kingdom of basketball in 1964 and 1997.


1952, 1955, 1956
1981–1982, 1986–1987

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 Jordan DF Jaber Khattab
3 Jordan DF Mohannad Khairullah
5 Jordan DF Yazan Abu Arab
6 Jordan MF Alaa' Al-Shaqran
7 Syria MF Oday Al-Jafal
8 Jordan MF Nour Al-Rawabdeh
9 Jordan MF Ahmad Al-Essawi
10 Jordan MF Essam Mubaideen
11 Syria FW Shadi Al Hamwi
12 Jordan GK Fawaz Al-Hamadat
13 Jordan MF Mohammad Tannous (captain)
14 Jordan DF Fadi Al-Natour
No. Position Player
16 Jordan DF Feras Shelbaieh
17 Jordan DF Omar Manasrah
18 Jordan DF Saddam Abdel-Muhsan
19 Jordan FW Abdullah Al-Attar
21 Jordan DF Assem Al-Qudah
22 Jordan GK Abdullah Al-Zubi
23 Jordan FW Ibrahim Al-Jawabreh
24 Jordan DF Zaki Abu Layla
35 Jordan FW Ahmed Al-Maharmeh
44 Jordan DF Zaid Jaber
77 Syria FW Samer Salem
99 Jordan FW Musa Al-Taamari (on loan from Shabab Al-Ordon)

Current technical staff[edit]

Position Staff
First team head coach Maher Bahri
Assistant coach Mohannad Al-Maharmeh
Team doctor Jabarin Manasrah
Managing director Amer Ades

Source:[citation needed]

Presidential history[edit]

No Name
1 Jordan Mohammed Rawhi
2 Jordan Fawzi Izz Al-Din Moghrabi
3 Jordan Amer Mufti
4 Jordan Bassam Al-Khasawneh
5 Jordan Amer Mufti
6 Jordan Abdel Ra'ouf Attiah
7 Jordan Abdullah Kiswani
8 Jordan Salim Shahine
9 Jordan Abdul Latif Al-Talli
10 Jordan Riyad Al-Hroub
11 Jordan Fadi Ghandour
12 Jordan Wa'el Zo'rob
13 Jordan Sari Hamdan
14 Jordan Samir Mansour
15 Jordan Mohammed Al-Maharmeh[2]

Managerial history[edit]

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