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Al-Khair University
MottoGet Light From The Book
Established1994 (1994)
Vice-ChancellorDr. Muhammad Bashir Goraya
LocationBhimber, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
ColoursGreen, white, Black,            
AffiliationsHEC, Association of Commonwealth Universities

Al-Khair University or AJK was established in 1994. The focus is in the field of marketing, banking and finance, IT and computer oriented courses.

In 2011 the Higher Education Commission Islamabad allowed Al-Khair University to admit students to degree programs in management science, computer science, Pakistan studies, Islamic studies, education and Urdu.

University has been banned for Admission at all levels (Bachelors and Masters From Fall 2016) and (MS/MPhil/Ph.D. from Fall 2014), Attestation of Degrees/Transcripts also Stopped by HEC.[1]


Al-Khair University has its main campuses and their faculties in major cities of Pakistan. The faculty of Engineering and Technology operates in Abbottabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi and Islamabad while the Business and Administration faculty operates in Karachi, Sukkhur and Larkana.

Faculty of Education[edit]

The Faculty of Education emerged with the establishment of the university. The faculty offers teacher-training programs, from associate degree in Education (ADE) to PhD level.

Faculty of Social Sciences[edit]

Al-Khair University Bhimber, Azad Jammu and Kashmir started a Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) from Fall Semester (November) 2011 with three departments namely Department of Urdu & Pakistani languages, Department of Pakistan Studies & History, and Department of Islamic Studies. Under the above three departments Al-Khair University has launched MA., M Phil and PhD programs for male and female students.

All the programs of faculty are offered on dual mode of instructions comprising distance learning and face to face component.

The students will have to complete the requirements prescribed by HEC at par with other universities in the country. The credit hours completed are recognized and transferable in the universities associated with the Commonwealth Association of Universities UK.

Functioning affiliated colleges/institutions[edit]

Pakistan Studies[edit]

The MA.Pakistan Studies program focuses on a study of geography, history, politics, economics, culture, society and religions of Pakistan. MA Pakistan Studies is a four Semester program spread over two years. It consists of eight courses of 800 marks, a research paper and viva-voice each of six credit hours- 100 marks bringing the total 1000 marks statutory requirement.

Islamic Studies[edit]

The study is designed to carry out research in Islam so that new dimensions of understanding of Islam can be discovered.


Bachelors 2 and 4 year degree programs[edit]

Bachelor programs Degree name Duration
Bioinformatics BS 4 years
Economics B.A 2 years
Business Administration BBA 4 years
Commerce B.COM 2 years
Political Sciences BS 4 years
Education B.ED 1 year
Mass Communication B..A 2 years
Information Systems BBA 4 years
Information Technology BS 4 years
Computer Science BS 4 years
Software Engineering BS 4 years

Masters two year degree programs[edit]

The programs of PhD, M Phil / MS are designed to provide an opportunity of higher education and research in the discipline of education, Develop research potential and promote research activities among the professionals,

The admission to PhD, MS/M Phil Education will be granted on merit according to policy of AI- Khair University and criteria given by HEC. M Phil

Pakistan Studies is an advance level research degree of the discipline. The objective of the program is to undertake in-depth study of various facets of Pakistan, geography, history, politics, religion, society, foreign policy, economy etc. in the light of primary sources.

The degree involves a research paper in each semester. After completion of 2 Semesters' course work, the student will be required to work on a thesis of 12 credit hours as part of statutory requirement for this degree. PhD course work in Pakistan Studies is of 18 credit hours spread over 2 Semesters to be completed in one year. The objective of this course work is to undertake original research on the topics relating to Pakistan, its culture, history, politics, geography, foreign policy, economy, society etc. in accordance with international academic standards.

In addition the student will have to write a doctoral dissertation which must be of high quality research standards satisfying the methodological and ideational requirements linked with this degree.

Master programs Degree name Duration
Urdu M.A 2 years
Business Administration MBA [EXE] 2 years
Economics M.A 2 years
Pakistan Studies M.A 2 years
Commerce M.COM 2 years
Political Sciences BS 4 years
Education M.ED 1 years
Mass Communication M.A 2 years
Information Systems M.Sc years
Information Technology M.A 2 years
M.A 2 years
Islamic Studies M.A 2 years

Doctorate 3 Years Degree Programs[edit]

Doctorate Programs Degree Name Duration
Urdu Ph.D. 3 years
Software Engineering Ph.D. 3 years
Computer Science Ph.D. 3 years
Education Ph.D. 3 years
Information Systems Ph.D. 3 years
Islamic Studies Ph.D. 3 years
Pakistan Studies & History Ph.D. 3 years
Diplomas/certificates Title Duration
Information Technology PGD 1 year

College of Global Technologies[edit]

The College of Global Technologies - Rawalpindi/Swat/Mardan is a project of the International Green Task. It was founded by Nasrullah Khan Marwat. Affiliated with Al-Khair University it is chartered to teach education, IT, computer science and business administration.


The university has computer laboratories which house a large number of computers connected through a Local Area Network.


The laboratories have Internet facilities. The university has an Information Resource Centre with books, journals, and 31,000 online research journals. Under the Digital Library Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI), the Higher Education Commission HEC) provides access to scientific and scholarly literature through the International Network for Scientific Publications (INASP). The library has computers, overhead projectors, digital cameras, photocopier, audio visual collection and high speed internet connectivity.


The main campus has indoor sports facilities which include table tennis, snooker and indoor games.


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