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Al Fasoldt is an American columnist for the Syracuse Post-Standard. He writes the "Technofile" column, ( reviewing and commenting on computer technology. His alter ego, "Doctor Gizmo" for years educated and entertained readers of the Syracuse Post-Standard with his questions/answers column about most things computer, digital, and photographic. For several years Fasoldt, along with Gene Wolf, had a Sunday call-in radio show, "Random Access" answering questions on computers, and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) on WSYR am radio in Syracuse and surrounding Central New York. He has educated, entertained, and inspired many readers and listeners of all ages about many things technological.

Though, for years, Fasoldt was the "PC" guy on the radio show, vs. Gene Wolf's Mac-expert persona, as he tried, and came to like, Apple computers and their simpler/safer operating systems, Fasoldt became an avid Mac user. In this way, several years later, such other computer/technology experts/writers/broadcasters as Leo Laporte ( and Walt Mossberg ( followed in Fasoldt's footsteps. Fasoldt still gives expert advice on Macs, PCs, and more, as he and his wife, Nancy, ( travel the USA in "Otto", their motor home.

Fasoldt has been a reporter, writer and editor since 1963, when he was a Saigon Bureau Chief for the Stars and Stripes during the Vietnam War. His work has also appeared in Fanfare Magazine, Esquire, and many online publications.[1]


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