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Alain Lefebvre
Alain Lefebvre
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Alain Lefebvre (born 1960) is a French entrepreneur,[1] now Author of several books.[2] He is recognized as a French pioneer[3] in the client server computing and Internet era. Cofounder of SQLI in 1990,[4] with a successful IPO in the summer of 2000 during the Internet bubble burst. He led the company for over ten years, and also was recognized for his columns and essays on the computing market in France during this 15 years period.[5] Alain Lefebvre has published more than 20 books including four on the Computer and Internet topics. Since 1995, he is involved with his wife, Murielle Lefebvre to promote the Montessori education and business in France. Alain Lefebvre is the founder of the first professional social network in France,[6] Precursor and Visionary in France of the web 2.0 movement he spoke to network events, conferences and interviews[7] as a French pioneer in 2004.[8][9] He also published a book about the social networks in 2005.


Alain began his career in IT in 1977. In 1980, he was hired by Thomson-CSF to work as a programmer on civil aircraft simulators. He specializes as a consultant on DB2 in 1988.

In 1990, he participated in the creation of SQL Engineering, positioned on the niche of client-server applications, which later became SQLI. In 1993, he wrote columns in the weekly Le Monde Informatique IT and 01 Informatique and published his first book: "The client-server architecture".


In 1990, Jean Rouveyrolles and Alain Lefebvre founded the company SQLI. In 1995, he directed the technical strategy of SQLI Group Intranet.[10] This involved the introduction of the company to the new market of Euronext Paris in July 2000, SQLI then having 700 employees. This IPO was successful during the early crash of the bubble Internet. This was one of the few company "Internet" to have succeeded / survived the burst of the Internet bubble.

In 1997, Alain Lefebvre began writing essays and columns "The terrible truth" on its personal website. In April 2001, he left the SQLI group and returns to his childhood dream of becoming a motorsport driver, and wrote "Racing" in 2004.[edit]

In the summer of 2004, Alain Lefebvre[11] launched the first French social network for professionals: [12][13] Alain Lefebvre published a book on this global movement in 2005: Social Networks, M21 Editions. To promote the online service, Alain had the idea Networking evenings for professionals in major French cities – as a precursor of these events they were very successful. Although with more than 20,000 members in 2007 despite its Microblogging services and its Skype and Facebook[14] integrations in particular;[15] never took off and didn't manage to raise sufficient capital needed to continue.[16] 6nergies disappeared in August 2009.[17][18]


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