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Alalcomenae (Greek: Ἀλαλκομεναί) is the name of several towns in Greece.

Alalcomenae, Boeotia[edit]

Main article: Alalkomenes, Boeotia
Map of ancient Boeotia

Alalcomenae was a town on the south-west bank of Lake Copais in Boeotia. It was famous for a temple to the goddess Athena Alalcomeneis.[1]

Alalcomenae, Ithaca or Asteris[edit]

The ancient geographer Strabo refers to an Alalcomenae on the tiny island of Asteria, between Ithaca and Kefalonia (Homer calls the island Asteris).[2]

Plutarch, however, refers to Alalcomenae as a "city of the Ithacans".[3] This could mean that he imagined it as being on Ithaca, or merely that it belonged to Ithaca. Strabo's discussion makes it clear that it was an extremely minor village; nonetheless, because of Plutarch's reference one archaeological site on Ithaca now bears the name Alalkomenes.

Alalcomenae, Thessaly[edit]

Strabo refers to another Alalcomenae in his description of Thesprotia. The town still exists, now called Alalkomenes, in the Kalampaka area of Thessaly.[4]

Alalcomenae, Macedonia[edit]

A town in the territory of Deuriopus (Strabo 7.7.9)

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