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Alan Roderick Haig-Brown (born 1941) is a Canadian novelist and non-fiction writer. He specializes in commercial marine and commercial fishing writing and photography.He is a regular contributor to a number of marine publications including Professional Mariner magazine where many of his articles are archived.[1]

He lives in New Westminster, British Columbia and Bangkok, Thailand.

He is the son of writer Roderick Haig-Brown and the father of film maker Helen Haig-Brown.


  • The Suzie A - 1991
  • Fishing for a Living - 1993
  • Hell No, We Won't Go: Vietnam Draft Resisters in Canada - 1996
  • The Fraser River - 1996 [1]
  • Still Fishin' - 2010 [2]
  • The Teak Box -2012 [3]


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