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Alan Manly
Alan Manly publicity shot.jpg
Born Alan Manly
Nationality Australian
Notable works One One Five
When There Are Too Many Lawyers...There Is No Justice

Alan Philip James Manly (born in 1950) is an Australian entrepreneur,[1] company director and published author.


After dropping out of year nine at Bacchus Marsh High School in the north-west of Victoria, Australia, Alan worked as a postman before securing an apprenticeship as a television repairman.[2] For eight years, Alan worked at Digital Equipment Corporation first as a computer engineer, then in sales and marketing.

Alan commenced his entrepreneurial career[3] as a founding Director of a software company that developed and sold computerised freight tracking and integrated management systems used by major independent freight companies.[4]

Alan then moved into the education industry, delivering papers on trading educational services in China and India.[5] He is a former Director of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training, the industry association that then represented private colleges in Australia. He represented the industry before the Australian Senate supporting the introduction of government supervised trust accounts for student funds.[6][7] In 2013 he joined the board of the Council of Private Higher Education, a national industry body representing non-government higher education providers.

His is currently the Managing Director of Group Colleges Australia (GCA), a company that has raised public and private funding to develop distance education using the Internet. GCA was amongst the first private colleges in Australia to implement distance learning via the Internet to overseas students.[8][9] When GCA moved their campus to the former iconic TNT Towers in Lawson Square, Redfern in 2008, Alan stated his support for revitalising Redfern into "a modern cosmopolitan suburb."[10] The renamed GCA towers dominate the local area.

Alan received a Tourism Training Australia award in 2009 for "outstanding support and leadership in tourism and hospitality in Australia." In 2010, Alan was interviewed in BRW Magazine on Australia's education sector.[11]

He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Justice of the Peace.

Published works[edit]

  • 'One One Five' (2011),[12] co-authored with Julian R Day and Graeme Brosnan.
  • 'When There Are Too Many Lawyers' (2013 second edition, published 1 November 2013), by Alan Manly [13]

Book Reviews[edit]

  • A case of deception by numbers, by Andrew Clarke – The Weekend Financial Review (4–5 February 2012)[14]
  • Spear carriers in a production of Aida, by David Ash – Law Society Journal (November 2011)[15]
  • It's A Crazy, Crazy Story, by Jacq Ellem – Hit the Road Jacq (18 October 2011)[16]
  • How $115 led to 200 court appearances, by Jonar Nader – Observations from the Front Line (August 2011)[17]
  • When There Are Too Many Lawyers...There Is No Justice, The Senior (March 2014)[18]
  • Author's Legal Minefield, Hills Shire Times (April 2014)[19]


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