Alberic of Trois-Fontaines

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Alberic of Trois-Fontaines (French: Aubri or Aubry de Trois-Fontaines; Latin: Albericus Trium Fontium) (died c. 1252) was a medieval Cistercian chronicler who wrote in Latin. He was a monk of Trois-Fontaines Abbey in the diocese of Châlons-sur-Marne. He died after 1252.


In 1232 Alberic began his Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium, which describes world events from the Creation to the year 1241.

His sources included Books 45-49 of Helinand of Froidmont's Chronicon.

Alberic's chronicle was published in the Monumenta Germaniae Historica in 1874.[1]


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