Albert Tam

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Albert Tam
Albert tam cp1897.jpg
Occupation Writer
Nationality  China
Genre Science fiction
Notable works Humanoid Software

Albert Tam (born 1972 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese-language Hong Kong science fiction writer who graduated from University of London and earned his MBA from University of Bradford. His notable works across genres earn him many awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. He is best known for Humanoid Software series, which earned him the Nebula award (best SF/Fantasy novel) in China. He is living in Hong Kong.

Humanoid Software[edit]

"Humanoid Software is a widely acclaimed science fiction written by the Hong Kong writer Albert Tam in 2010. The story reflects the haunting belief that human being in one day will be subservient to technology. Within a limited amount of hours of imitating its master's behavior, the humanoid software will be able to perform the tasks programmed by its master through automatic technology. As the story unfolds, one day the software suddenly realizes that his master became the victim of a homicide in a series of social chaos, which includes terrorist attacks, invasion of highly secured networks by hackers etc. The theme of Software humanoid resonates closely with many award-winning science fictions, for instance Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Accelerando." By Uganda Sze Pui Kwan.[1]


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