Albino (film)

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VHS cover for 'Albino'
Directed by Jürgen Goslar
Produced by Stefan Abendroth
Jürgen Goslar
Barrie Saint Clair
Written by Scott Finch
Jürgen Goslar
Based on The Whispering Death 
by Daniel Carney
Starring Christopher Lee
James Faulkner
Trevor Howard
Sybil Danning
Horst Frank
Music by Erich Ferstl
Cinematography Wolfgang Treu
Edited by Richard Meyer
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release dates
Running time
97 minutes
Country West Germany
South Africa
Language English

Albino (also known as The Night of the Askari,[1] Death in the Sun[2] and Whispering Death) is a 1976 German thriller directed by Jürgen Goslar[3] and starring Christopher Lee, James Faulkner and Sybil Danning filmed on location during the Rhodesian Bush War. The film is based on the novel The Whispering Death by Daniel Carney.


A British South Africa Police officer in Rhodesia whose fiancée was raped and murdered personally pursues the albino terrorist who committed this crime.


James Faulkner ... Terrick
Christopher Lee ... Member-in-Charge
Horst Frank ... Whispering Death
Sybil Danning ... Sally
Sascha Hehn ... Peter
Trevor Howard ... Dr. Johannes
Erik Schumann ... Captain Turnbull


The film has been described as "well acted".[4]


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