Albrycht Zaborowski

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Albrycht Zaborowski
Born 1638
Angerburg (Węgorzewo)
Died 1711
Province of New Jersey
Other names Albert Zabriskie, Saboroweski
Spouse(s) Machtelt van der Linden (m. 1676–1711)
Children Jacob, John, Joost, Christian, Henry

Albert Saborowski (also rendered Saboroweski; anglicized as Albert Zabriskie; 1638–1711) of Ducal Prussia (present-day Poland or Russia) settled in what is now New Jersey in 1662.

Early life and emigration[edit]

Saborowski, a Lutheran, was born in 1638, perhaps in the Prussian town of Angerburg (after 1945 Węgorzewo). After the Thirty Years' War upheavals in Europe, he decided to emigrate to America, as one of the pioneers of European colonization within the area of present-day New Jersey. In 1662 "Albert Saboriski, from Enghestburgh Prussia" arrived on board the Dutch ship De Vos to New Amsterdam (present-day New York City).

New Amsterdam[edit]

Due to his good knowledge of Native American languages, he became a translator and mediator in negotiations between the colonists and Native American tribes. He came into possession of a large estate within the Province of New Jersey and built a family residence in Hackensack. He also served as Justice of the Peace in newly established Bergen County.


He married Machtelt van der Linden in 1676 and five sons were born from this relationship: Jacob, John, Joost, Christian and Henry. Albert died in 1711 and was buried in Hackensack. He originated America's Zabriskie family, which produced many eminent descendants, such as businessman Christian Brevoort Zabriskie (for whom Zabriskie Point in Death Valley is named) and actress Grace Zabriskie.