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20151225 Didier Alcante.jpg
Didier Swysen, alias Alcante
BornDidier Swysen
(1970-11-21) November 21, 1970 (age 49)
Notable works
Pandora Box

Alcante, pen name of Didier Swysen (born 21 November 1970, Belgium) is a Belgian comics writer, best known for his series Pandora’s Box.


Alcante has studied economic sciences and worked in academic research, when he won a comics writing contest of publisher Dupuis in 1995. The winning story was published in Spirou magazine. It took another seven years before he regularly began to publish short stories there. Pandora Box is his first series. He is the younger brother of comics creator Bernard Swysen.


An album in the series XIII Mystery focusing on Colonel Amos, with artwork by François Boucq, is planned for 2010.[2]

Other new work includes Re-Mind with Andrea Mutti, Clair-Obscur with Fanny Montgermont, and La Conjuration de Cluny with Luca Malisan.[3]


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