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Rab Ale Avruj  

Rabbi Alejandro Avruj is a Rabbi graduated from the Latin American Rabbinic Seminary since 2002.

- Rabbinic  studies at the Superior Institute of Rabbinical Studies "Abraham J.   Heschel" in Buenos Aires and at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.  

- Master in Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Education at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, having studied for the MA in Rabbinic Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York in 2001, and for the MA in Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2002.  

- 3rd. promotion of LEATID - Latin American Center for Training and Research for Jewish Institutional Conduction - graduating from the Training Program in Management and Development of Jewish Community Organizations. 1997  

- Management of Non – for-Profit Organizations, Community Development and Fundraising Courses, at the University of Michigan - School of Social Work - in the USA. 1997  

Author of Sidur "Et Bazman - A Time within Time" in 2012, whose first edition was presented by Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis.

Honored with the distinction of the Human Rights Award for B´nei Brith Argentina, for his social work in shanty towns, in 2014 and with the prize “Men of Buenos Aires” together with the prestigious Priest “Father” Pepe by the Provincia Bank Fundation of Buenos Aires.  

He is currently Rabbi of the Amijai Community, one of the biggest Jewish congregations in Buenos Aires.

Since 2017 he is the President of the Latin American Rabbinic Assembly, continental representation of the Rabbinical Assembly of the World Masorti Movement.  

He is married to Marina Degtiar and has four children, Giselle, Meital, Noa and Shai, and two grandchildren, Dan and Elá.