Aleksandr Arbuzov

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This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Erminingeldovich and the family name is Arbuzov.
Aleksandr Arbuzov
A. E. Arbuzov 1914.jpg
Aleksandr Arbuzov
Born (1877-10-12)October 12, 1877
Died January 22, 1968(1968-01-22) (aged 90)
Institutions University of Kazan
Alma mater University of Kazan
Doctoral advisor Alexander Mikhaylovich Zaytsev
Known for Michaelis–Arbuzov reaction

Aleksandr Erminingeldovich Arbuzov (12 October 1877 – 22 January 1968) was a Russian Empire and Soviet chemist who discovered the Michaelis–Arbuzov reaction.

A native of Bilyarsk, Arbuzov studied in the Kazan University under Alexander Mikhaylovich Zaytsev.[1] He graduated in 1900 and became professor at the same university in 1911. After World War II he was put in charge of the Soviet Institute of Organic Chemistry.

Arbuzov was awarded the Stalin Prize in 1943.

In addition to his scientific research, Arbuzov also wrote A Brief Sktech of the Development of Organic Chemistry in Russian (1948).


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