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Map showing the location of the Alentejo Litoral intermunicipal community

The Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Litoral (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐlẽˈtɛʒu lituˈɾaɫ]) is an administrative division in Portugal. It was created in May 2009.[1] It is also a NUTS3 subregion of the Alentejo Region.[2] The seat of the intermunicipal community is Grândola. Alentejo Litoral comprises municipalities of both the Beja District and the Setúbal District. The population in 2011 was 97,925,[3] in an area of 5,309.41 km².[4]


It is composed of five municipalities:[5]

Municipality Population (2011)[3] Area (km²)[4]
Alcácer do Sal 13,046 1499.87
Grândola 14,826 825.94
Odemira 26,066 1720.60
Santiago do Cacém 29,749 1059.69
Sines 14,238 203.30
Total 97,925 5,309.41


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