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Alex Schulman
Alex Schulman 2015-05-28 001.tiff
Alex Schulman in May 2015
Carl Magnus Alexander Schulman

(1976-02-17) 17 February 1976 (age 44)
Hemmesdynge, Sweden
OccupationJournalist, blogger, author

Carl Magnus Alexander "Alex" Schulman (born 17 February 1976 in Hemmesdynge) is a Swedish journalist, blogger and television and radio personality.


Alex Schulman is the son of television producer and journalist Allan Schulman and the television host Lisette Schulman (née Stolpe). He is also a maternal grandson of the author Sven Stolpe. He has two brothers: Carl Johan (Calle) and Niklas Schulman. Together with his brother Calle he runs the company Schulmangruppen ("The Schulman Group").

From 1999 to 2000, Schulman worked for the celebrity magazine Se & Hör. He is the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Stureplan but left this position in April 2007. He now writes at the entertainment page in Aftonbladet and he is also a columnist for the Aftonbladet-affiliated free newspaper Punkt se [sv]. He also participates regularly in the radio show Äntligen morgon med Adam & Gry [sv] on Mix Megapol, and as sidekick to Lennart Ekdal on the debate show Kvällsöppet [sv] on TV4.

From 2006 to 2007, he wrote the personal blog Att vara Alex Schulman ("Being Alex Schulman"), which was later hosted on Aftonbladet's website and grew in 2007 to become the most widely read blog in Sweden by far with around 285,000 readers per week. On 1 October 2007 he announced the closure of the blog, saying that the "blog has turned into a monster and I don't have the energy to take care of it anymore".[1] He resumed blogging again on 15 February 2008, this time at the website of the small local newspaper Värmlands Folkblad together with his brother Calle.[2] On 18 March 2008 their blog was closed down by the newspaper after they had made some harsh comments about a Swedish film reviewer.[3] They continue to blog at their own website at Schulmangruppen.

He was married to Katrin Schulman (née Zytomierska) from 28 July 2007 til the summer of 2008. The couple were never legally married in Sweden and when they broke up Katrin Zytomierska took her maiden name back. Alex Schulman confirmed the break-up on his blog dated 28 September 2008. That was Schulman's second marriage, the first one was a spontaneous marriage in Las Vegas.

In 2010 Schulman married Swedish TV personality Amanda Schulman (née Widell) and together they have three children, Charlie, Frances and Louis.[4] In 2012 Schulman started the Alex & Sigges podcast [sv] together with the author Sigge Eklund.


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