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A number of sailing vessels were named Alexander:

  • Alexander (1794 ship) was built in France in 1791 under a different name. She was taken as a prize and her new owners renamed her Alexander. She made one voyage for the British East India Company (EIC), and then became a slave ship, making four voyages between 1798 and 1807. In between she made a second voyage for the EIC, this one to New South Wales and India. After 1807 she sailed between Liverpool and Demerara. She is last listed in 1811.
  • Alexander (1801 ship Shields) was a 301-ton merchant vessel launched at Shields; she became a whaler and made one voyage to New Zealand and the South Seas whale fisheries (1802-06) for Hurry & Co.
  • Alexander (1803 ship Bombay), a ship of 600 or 746 tons burthen, launched in 1803 at Bombay and wrecked in 1815.
  • Alexander (1807 ship), a ship launched by William Taylor, Bideford, for Buckles & Co. She was sailing from Ceylon and Mauritius to London when on 9 August 1828 she wrecked on Cole House Point.[1]
  • Alexander (1811 ship), a 227-ton merchant ship built in the United States in 1811, captured as a prize during the War of 1812, that transported convicts to Port Jackson in 1816.
  • Alexander (1812 ship), of 4928894 tons (bm), was launched on 14 November 1812 by Michael Smith at Howrah, Calcutta, for his own account.[1]
  • Alexander (1813 ship), of 229 tons (bm), launched at Halifax, Nova Scotia, for Walkinshaw & Co.[1]
  • Alexander (1829 ship), of 5233094 tons (bm), launched on 14 November 1828 by John Blackett, Millwall Dock, Poplar, London, for his own account.[1]

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