Alexander Floyd

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Alexander Floyd
Floydia RBG Sydney.jpg
the genus Floydia is named after A.G.Floyd
Born 1 April 1926
Hampton, Victoria, Australia
Residence New South Wales
Citizenship Australian
Nationality Australian
Fields botany
Known for rainforest botany
Author abbrev. (botany) A.G.Floyd

Alexander Geoffrey Floyd is an Australian botanist with an expert knowledge of rainforest plants, particularly the rainforest trees of New South Wales. He has worked with the New South Wales Forestry Commission, the Department of Forestry in Papua-New Guinea, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales. He helped create the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden at Coffs Harbour.

Two genera and several species of plants are named in his honour; including Floydia, Alexfloydia, and Endiandra floydii.

Honours and Awards[edit]

In 2008, Alexander Floyd was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to botany, particularly through research and identification of sub-tropical rainforest plants and through support for the North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, and to conservation and environmental education.


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