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Alexandra Hawkins is an American author of historical romance novels.

Two of her books, After Dark with a Scoundrel and Sunrise with a Notorious Lord, made the USA Today best-selling books list.[1]


Waiting For An Earl Like You, 2017

Lords of Vice[edit]

  1. All Night with a Rogue, 2010[2]
  2. Till Dawn with the Devil, 2010[3][4]
  3. After Dark with a Scoundrel, 2011[5]
  4. Sunrise with a Notorious Lord, 2012[6][7]
  5. All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess, 2012[8]
  6. Dusk with a Dangerous Duke, 2013
  7. Twilight with the Infamous Earl, 2013

Masters of Seduction[edit]

  1. A Duke but No Gentleman, 2015
  2. You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want, 2016


  1. Christmas Brides, 2014


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