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Alexandre Moret (1868-1938).

Alexandre Moret (French: [mɔʁɛ]; 19 September 1868, Aix-les-Bains – 2 February 1938, Paris) was a French Egyptologist.


From 1906 to 1923 Moret was curator of the Musée Guimet.[1] In 1918 Moret succeeded Emile Amélineau as Director of Studies for the Religions of Egypt within the Fifth Section of the École pratique des hautes études, devoted to religious science.[2]

In 1923 he became Professor of Egyptology at the College de France, and in 1927 a member of the French Academy. In 1926 he delivered the Frazer Lecture at Oxford University, taking the killing of god in Egypt as his theme.[3]

Moret developed an interest in Durkheimian sociology, co-authoring a book on ancient society with Georges Davy.[4]


  • Du caractère religieux de la royauté pharaonique, 1902.
  • Le rituel du culte divin journalier en Égypte, d'après les papyrus de Berlin et les textes du temple de Séti 1er, à Abydos , 1902.
  • Études sur le calendrier égyptien, 1907.
  • Au temps des Pharaons, 1908. Translated by Madame Moret as In the time of the Pharoahs, 1911.
  • Chronologie égyptienne, 1912.
  • Rois et dieux d'Égypte, 1911. Translated by Madame Moret as Kings and Gods of Egypt, 1912.
  • Mystères égyptiens, 1913.
  • Sarcophages de l'époque bubastite à l'époque saïte, 1913
  • (with Georges Davy) Des clans aux empires; l'organisation sociale chez les primitifs et dans l'Orient ancien. Translated by V. Gordon Childe as From Tribe to Empire: social organization among primitives and in the Ancient East, 1926
  • Le Nil et la civilisation égyptienne, 1926. Translated by M. R. Dobie as The Nile and Egyptian civilization, 1927.
  • Histoire de l'Orient, 1936.


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Chair of Egyptology at
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