Alexei Mateevici

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Alexei Mateevici
Alexei Mateevici - Foto02.jpg
Born (1888-03-27)March 27, 1888
Died August 24, 1917(1917-08-24) (aged 29)
Occupation Greek language teacher
Language Romanian
Alma mater Theological Academy of Kiev
Notable works Limba noastră (Our Language)
Spouse Teodora Borisovna Novitski

Alexe (or Alexei) Mateevici (Romanian pronunciation: [aˈlekse] or [alekˈsej mateˈevit͡ʃʲ]; March 27, 1888 – August 24, 1917) was one of the most prominent Romanian poets in Bessarabia.


He was born in the town Căinari, in Eastern Bessarabia, which was part of the Russian Empire, now in the Republic of Moldova. He studied at the theological school of Chişinău, and published his first poems (Ţăranii (Peasants), Eu cânt (I sing), Ţara (The Country)) in the newspaper Basarabia, where he also published two articles on Moldavian folklore. Mateevici later published several articles on religion in Moldavia.

Mateevici went on to study at the Theological Academy of Kiev, from which he graduated in 1914. In that year he married Teodora Borisovna Novitski. He returned to Chişinău, and became a Greek language teacher at the theological school.




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