Alexia Arthurs

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Alexia Arthurs
Alma materIowa Writers' Workshop
Known forHow to Love a Jamaican: Stories (2018)
AwardsPlimpton Prize
O. Henry Prize

Alexia Arthurs is a writer who grew up in both Jamaica and the United States of America. She writes about the variability of experiences of black identity of immigrants from African countries, Jamaica, and other countries of the West Indies from recent immigrants to those brought over during slavery.[1] Her writings include short stories about community, generations, mermaids, sexuality and more.[1] She is a recipient of the Plimpton Prize and an O. Henry Prize.


Arthurs graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop.[2] was awarded the 2017 Paris Review Plimpton Prize.[2][3] Her first book, How To Love A Jamaican: Stories,[4][5] was published in 2018 and was identified by Entertainment Weekly,[6] Buzzfeed News,[7] and Bitch Media[8] as one of the best Summer reads of 2018.[9] Arthurs teaches at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.[10]


  • Arthurs, A. (2018). How to Love a Jamaican: Stories. Random House Publishing Group. ISBN 978-1-5247-9921-2.[11][12][13][14]


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