Alfonso Esparza Oteo

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Alfonso Esparza Oteo (Aguascalientes, 2 August 1894 - Mexico City, 31 January 1950) was a Mexican composer. Esparza first success among Mexico City music fans was a foxtrot, and his music was enormously popular in the 1920s. Álvaro Obregón was listening to "El Limoncito", one of Esparza's compositions, when he was assassinated.[1]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Dime que sí (arranged by Efraín Oscher on Rolando Villazón: ¡Mexico! DG: 4779234)
  • Un viejo amor (arranged by Gonzalo Grau on Rolando Villazón: ¡Mexico! DG: 4779234)


  1. ^ Crafting Mexico: Intellectuals, Artisans, and the State After the ... - Page 307 Rick Anthony López - 2010 "The year prior to the India Bonita Contest, Esparza had gained fame among Mexico City music fans for his foxtrot ... the last sound Obregón would hear before the explosion of an assassin's bullet would be the music of Esparza Oteo."