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Ali Ağaoğlu (born 3 March 1954) is a Turkish businessman.

Ağaoğlu was born in Of, Trabzon.

He started his education at Kabatas High School in Istanbul but had to leave his school early for family reasons and started his business life establishing Akdeniz İnşaat, laying the foundation for today’s Ağaoğlu Group of Companies.

He began investing in the tourism sector in 1988. He also entered the energy industry in 2007.

He was instrumental in ushering the era of branded housing in the early 2000s with groundbreaking projects under the ‘MY’ concept.

He has maintained his role as the Chairman of Ağaoğlu Group Companies, which is still operating in construction, energy, and tourism.

He was ranked 11h on the Forbes 2014 list of the “100 Richest Turks”. Next year, on March 2015, he was ranked 10th wealthiest businessman in Turkey.

In addition to the projects he developed, he remains an active supporter of education, culture & arts, sports, environment and health, providing both material and moral support as part of his social responsibility mission.

He is married, and has five children.

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