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Ali Najem
Ali hosting on stage.
BornAli Najem
(1989-03-25) March 25, 1989 (age 29)
Occupationradio personality producer director
Years active2006–present
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Ali Najem AlQumani (Arabic: علي نجم القوماني‎, born 25 March 1989) is a Kuwaiti Radio personality who is a Producer and Director for Marina FM radio station in Kuwait.

Early life[edit]

Ali was born on March 25, 1989, in Kuwait. Ali studied in AlSondos KG, in AlFintas area. Then Ali studied as a primary student in Abdulaziz Rshaid school, in AlAndalus area. After year 6 Ali got into a fight and had injuries. So Ali's parents transferred his school to Abo Ayob AlAnsari, in Khaldiya area. Ali graduated from AlAsmaei high school, in Qortoba. After high school Ali went to university, Gust University and Graduated 2012 where he majored in English Translation and Linguistics.


In 2006, Ali won first place in Enta ilmouthi3 which was a radio competition in Marina FM, so many players were fighting for a spot in Marina FM. Ali had a test show called Refresh which was from 3:30 to 5:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday and a weekend show was every Friday and Saturday from 3 to 6 PM. Ali did a game show which was sponsored by Wataniya Telecom, It's a game show about their company called Harakat, daily from 8 to 9 pm with Ousama Fouda. Ali joined Ghabga show, 2006, with Ousama Fouda too during Ramadan, they hosted all the stars on that show it was from 12 to 1:30 AM during Ramadan. AIi worked in producing a show called Night show with Eman Najem.


In 2007, Ali joined the show officially as a co-host with Eman Najem. On April 2007, Eman Najem left and Ali continued doing the night show before, Ali changed its name to Refresh in 2008.


Also in 2008, AIi did Ghabgat Marina 2008 with Abdulredha Ben Salim which aired from 11 to 12:30 daily during Ramadan. Then AIi got back to refresh doing it all year. In 2008, Refresh was from 6 to 8 PM.


On 2009 it was from 7 to 9 PM and on that year Ali worked with Bu Chandal character for the first time and his wife in Jidder w Gha6awi show which was from 10 to 11 PM in Ramadan 2009. This show won the best game show during Ramadan 2009 and the team won, Ali, bu chandal and Hmoud Adel.


Ali continued doing his show Refresh which was from 7 to 9 on 2010, and then Hmoud Adel decided that they should work again together in a game show during Ramadan. So they did, they worked in a show called "El7ajiya wain?" Or "where is Hajiya" which was from 10 to 11 pm too. This show made a huge success to all of them and they won the prize as the best game show again. Then they joined a new radio show called 240 which was a huge show with all the famous broadcasters in Marina FM, It was a daily show, 4 hours from 6 to 10 PM. To Ali he thought the show was a fail because he didn't like the experience at all.


On January 2011 Ali fought everyone to get his show Refresh back on the schedule, so he did, with a new timing from 8 to 10 PM. That season was the best to Ali, Yousef Hussain Ali's friend joined the show as a co-host. They introduced all the huge stars in Kuwait, gulf and middle east. Besides they had more than 80 new songs Exclusively. Then Hmoud Adel decided that they need to gather again, the same team for Ramadan 2011. And it happened in a bran new show called "Bu Chandal Mino?" Or "who's Buchandal". And the show made it to give them the best game show in Ramadan for the third year. And they became the only team who wins that prize three years in a row. Then, Ali's co-host decided to take a break, so Ali got back to do his own daily show "Refresh". At the end of 2011 Ali had "Enta ilmothi3 show" which is the same show that he won in, 5 years ago in 2006. The second season was hosted by Ali that made huge success.


When 2012 started Ali got back to Refresh from 8 to 10 PM, taking it to a whole new level with all the new songs and segments. Until April when Ali's father died he stopped the whole show for a month. Ali started doing the show again on May, and then Hmoud Adel asked for a meeting again for the fourth time asking them to do a new show in Ramadan 2012 called "Shildebra Um 3aboud?" And that it their show for Ramadan 2012. At the end of Ramadan, Ali's show got to be the best game show in Ramadan for the FOURTH YEAR in a row.


Starting from October 2012, Ali is Kuwait's official ambassador for Blackberry.[1]

Directed, Hosted[edit]

Ali directed "Balanty Show" for 3 months which was a Football show, Hosted "Balanty Show" for 2 weeks, and hosted and Directed "Nagham Alsaba7" for 2 weeks.


Ali got some offers to work on MBC FM and on Rotana FM but he rejected them all and stayed in Marina FM.


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