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Ali Sa'id Sheik Hassan, also referred to as Ali Sa'id Hassan Awale and Ali Said (died 17 June 2009), was the chief of police of Mogadishu and a commander of security forces during the war in Somalia,[1][2] in which he was killed by sniper[3] fire in June 2009.[4][5] He had been the Mogadishu chief of the Somali Police Force for roughly two years,[5] prior to being shot by "Islamist forces" in Mogadishu's Hadan district during the Battle of Mogadishu (2009).[6] The BBC reported that the police chief's death would be "a significant setback for the pro-government forces as he had often been on the front line encouraging his colleagues to defend their positions".[4] The New York Times reported Somali analysts stating that "the loss of the police chief, Col. Ali Said, would be a major blow to the transitional government led by Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed."[7] Ali Said had survived an earlier assassination attempts in 2007.[8][9][10]


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