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Ali Lotfi
Born Ali Lotfi
Esfahan, Iran
Occupation Director, Producer, Animator
Years active 2004–present

Ali Lotfi (Persian: علی لطفی ‎‎, born in Esfahan) is an Iranian film director, film producer, and Animator.


He was born and grew up in Esfahan. At the age of 16, he started animation in TV. He then studied at the computer in Esfahan. He made one first 35 mm animation Land of Sleep in Iran

Filmography: Directing[edit]

  1. Land of Sleep (sarzamin khab) (2012) - feature
  2. Final dot (2009) - short
  3. Red apple (Sibe sorkh) (2008) - short
  4. flxt (2008) - short
  5. Dash feri (2010) - short
  6. Metro (2011) - short
  7. Pardis (2011) - T-shirt

Awards and honors[edit]

Ali lotfi has received numerous awards up to now. Here are a few:

  • Fajr 30th Tehran Film Festival, 2012.
  • International Children Film Festival, 2010.

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