Alice of Korikos

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Alice of Korikos
Queen consort of Armenia
Died 1329
Spouse Leo IV, King of Armenia
Issue Hethum of Armenia
House Hethumids
Father Oshin of Korikos
Mother Margaret of Ibelin

Alice of Korikos (died 1329) was the only daughter of Oshin of Korikos and his first wife Margaret d'Ibelin. She was Queen consort of Armenia by her marriage.[1]

Alice's maternal grandparents were Balian of Ibelin and his wife Alice de Lampron, granddaughter of Stéphanie de Barbaron and Raymond-Roupen d'Antioche. Raymond was son of Raymond IV of Tripoli and Alice of Armenia.

Alice's paternal grandparents were Hayton of Corycus and Isabella of Ibelin, daughter of Guy of Ibelin and Maria of Armenia, daughter of Hethum I, King of Armenia and his wife Isabella, Queen of Armenia.


On the death of Oshin, King of Armenia, Alice's father became regent for the minor Leo IV, King of Armenia. Alice's father wanted to make his position more powerful. In order to do this he married Jeanne of Anjou, widow of King Oshin and he forced Alice to marry the young King Leo, in the hope they would one day produce a son and heir for Armenia. They married around 31 December 1320 and the Papal Dispensation for the marriage was dated 10 August 1321.

More steps were taken to confirm Oshin's security. At some time between 1320 and 1323, Isabella of Armenia, Princess of Tyre, sister of King Oshin, along with her son Henri, were imprisoned and murdered by Alice's father. Oshin wanted to reduce the number of claimants to the throne of the Cilician Kingdom. It was rumoured that Oshin poisoned Isabella to remove her from the line of inheritance.[citation needed]

Alice is known to have born Leo one child, a son called Hethum who died around 1331. He did not inherit Armenia from his father due to his premature death.[2]

The treatment Leo meted out to his regent upon reaching his majority in 1329 was violent. Oshin and his brother Constantine, Constable of Armenia were murdered. Leo even had his wife Alice murdered to end all of Oshin's plans. He dispatched the head of Oshin to the Ilkhan and that of Constantine to Al-Nasr Muhammad.

After he had Alice murdered, Leo took the opportunity to remarry to a western princess, Constance of Sicily; however, they had no children.


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Alice of Korikos
Born: circa. ? Died: circa. 1329
Royal titles
Title last held by
Jeanne of Anjou
Queen consort of Armenia
Title next held by
Constance of Sicily