Alien Olympics 2044 AD

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Alien Olympics: 2044AD
Alien Olympics
Alien Olympics 2044 AD EU box art.jpg
European box art
Developer(s) Dark Technologies[1]
Publisher(s) Ocean[1]
Designer(s) Darren Melbourne[1]
Programmer(s) Richard Naylor[1]
Composer(s) Kevin Bateson[1]
Platform(s) Game Boy
Release Game Boy:
Genre(s) Olympic sports[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Alien Olympics 2044 AD is a 1992 multiplatform futuristic sports video game.


Game Boy title screen

In this video game, extraterrestrials perform unorthodox Olympic-like events in the year 2044.[2] The player gets to control one of these extraterrestrials; he can choose up to eight different species.[2] For example, there is this a caterpillar-like alien that is very good at shooting events but terrible at racing events.[2]

Lighter gravity allows the athletes to perform better than on planet Earth. The list of possible events include: 100 Qbits Sprint, Laser Leaping, Big Bounce, Laser Skeet, 200 Qbits Splurge, Lunge Leap Splat, Toxophilly, Flob Flop, Sabre Sling, Survival, Alien Hurl, Laser Skeet 2, Jetpack Tag, Lizard Leap, and Wall Jumping.[2]

This game is simply known as Alien Olympics in Europe. The Game Boy version explains the event to the player prior to being allowed to play it. When the game is over, the final score is displayed (at least in the Game Boy version).[clarification needed]